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Hollinger Metal Edge

The Quality Leader in Archival Products Since 1945

Hollinger Metal Edge

Description: Hollinger Metal Edge: The Quality Leader in Archival Products Since 1945.

Primary Categories: Artifact Storage; Audio, Video & Compact Disc Storage; Barrier Board, Corrugated Board, & Folder Sheets; Baseball Card/Comic Storage; Bond Paper, Glassine, Interleaving Paper & Tissue Paper; Book & Document Repair; Book Exhibition Materials; Book Jacket Covers, Labels & Laminate; Box Folders & File Folders; Conservation Supplies & Maintenance; Digital Photo Storage; Document Storage Cases; Document, Paper, & Book Storage; Environmental Controls; Folders, Paper & Polyester Envelopes; HEPA Vacuums, Book Supports, Conservation Supplies; Identification Supplies; Map & Textile Storage Boxes; Microfilm, Microfiche Supplies & Storage; Mounting, Matting & Framing Materials; Pamphlet & Document Binders; Paper Cutters; Phonograph Record & Film/Audio Reel Storage; Photo, Print & Negative Storage; Photo, Print & Negative Storage; Record Storage Boxes; Shelving, Flat Files, Stools & Ladders, Book Carts; Slide Storage; Storage Bags; Water Disaster Materials

Other Notables: Closeout Section offering 25-50% Discounts


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Primary Audience: Archives, Libraries & Museums, Family Archivists

Online Ordering: Yes

Locations: Commerce, California and Fredericksburg, Virginia

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