The Easiest Way To Keep Weeds At Bay

Weed Eaters

There’s something so relaxing about being surrounded by lush green plants. Not only are smaller gardens becoming quite the trend for city dwellers, but with the exponential support of the organic farming culture, innovations have taken place in the agriculture field quickly and with great results. Most gardeners will tell you the secret to having a great garden is constant vigilance and upkeep. One of the worst things that could happen to an unsupervised garden is a sudden growth of weeds. Sometimes they grow so fast that even the best electric weed eater will have problems getting rid of their sheer numbers. According to, more and more people are turning to gardening as a hobby and a source of income.

One of the most efficient types of weed trimmers is string trimmers. Also known as a weed whacker or a weed whip, string trimmers consist of a filament that is attached to a motor and rotates at high speed to create a blade-like effect. The faster it spins, the tauter the string becomes and the easier it will rip out stubborn weeds. The advantage of using a weed whacker is that unlike other mowers and weed trimmers they can be used closer to the edge of the pavement or other vegetation without damaging the plants or ruining the filament.

String weed trimmers have become a necessity for avid gardeners. Nowadays, almost every big outdoor tools and machinery brand makes some form of weed trimmers. They are usually available as corded, cordless or gas-driven models and depending on the size of your yard, the type of neighborhood you live in and the type of application it will face; you can choose which type will best suit your needs. Look for something that is covered extensively by a warranty, has replacement parts easily available on the market and is created from solid parts that will withstand the weather and grueling task of cutting weeds on a regular base.

Cordless trimmers are not only a great option because of their mobility but also because they are also the quietest. Most cordless trimmers run on lithium batteries but some also come with a rechargeable power bank with charging times ranging from half an hour to three hours. Corded batteries have the quietness of a cordless trimmer without the added weight of the battery. Unless your yard is on the smaller side and consists mainly of shrubbery, you may need an extension cord to connect the device to a power source. Large trees and obstacles will prove meddlesome with a corded trimmer, but they are more preferable if you have wrist problems or are not able to lounge around the extra weight of a cordless model.

Gas trimmers provide all the benefits of an electric model and more. They are relatively more powerful and can easily clear away heavy growth. Because they are cordless, they can be used over a wider ranger and have a longer runtime. While older models may need to be pulled to start, new models may have an auto-start option. With so many options on the market, it is a good idea to take time to decide which trimmer is your ultimate weeding companion.

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